Sunday, 11 June 2017

Mrs T Finally Gets Her Man!?

Some super sleuths down in Port Isaac caught this interesting moment on "film"... Make of it what you will! Could it be a rehearsal from the episode where the Doc finally gives in, leaves Louisa and Mrs T gets her man?! Time will tell all!

Thanks to Thelmo and Pen for trudging through the streets to get behind the scenes.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Fans Far and Wide

Kirsten, from Denmark, recently got to meet the Doc!

"My favorite Doctor and actor in the UK, best wishes Kirsten from Denmark."

Thank you for sharing you pictures with us Kirsten. If you'd like to share your photos, feel free to email

Friday, 9 June 2017

All creatures great and small

A few filming photos from Philip Pitson. More can be found HERE.

A little birdy told me...

And here's the latest Twitter round-up. Find more HERE.

Too Many to Mention

Here's the latest round up from Instagram. There are just too many fan photos to fit here. If you're so inclined, go scavenging HERE on Instagram for more.

Filming Videos with cjhuk

Check out the YouTube Channel of cjhuk HERE for some videos of all the filming action.

Just what the doctor ordered!

Martin Clunes strikes up a pose with a selfie stick... as he joins the cast of Doc Martin to film for the penultimate series of the show in Cornwall.

Check out more great photos by Ashley Jackson at the Daily Mail HERE.

10 reasons to be thankful Doc Martin isn’t actually your Doctor

Because "the Doctor will see you now" shouldn't sound like a threat...

See if you agree, HERE at RadioTimes.